Shopping For Modern Tropical Inspiration

Decoist says.

“Modern Tropical… involves clean lines, fresh palettes, and lots of greenery. The look is tranquil and chic. Rather than overloading beachy spaces with seashell collections and rattan furniture, the new feel is all about less-is-more decor. It’s simple, breezy, and naturally relaxing.”

In July I wrote about Modern Tropical Inspiration for my living room. I began to develop a plan for updating the space. I certainly like the description of clean lines, lots of greenery, and a tranquil space. I’ve been wanting to refresh my living room. Being eclectic I’ll just add a few touches of the modern tropical style I like.

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DIY T-Shirt Art In Wrapped Frame

I have a list of little projects I want to do, and t-shirt art has been on the top for several years. This spring I mentioned I was determined to try more of the ideas that I have pinned. T-shirt art fits perfectly as I’ve had an old t-shirt in the drawer for years.  It came with a beautiful piece of manatee art on it. Those who read my post, Florida My Home, know I am in love with the Florida manatee or sea cow. Years ago I visited The Tampa Lowry Park Zoo with its manatee exhibit. I spent more money than I usually do for a t-shirt because I loved this art piece. When the shirt was stained and shrank, I held on to it.  Today let’s make art.




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