DIY Tray From A Frame

For the last few years I’ve been collecting inexpensive frames from thrift stores.  Some I have an immediate plan for use while others I put aside.  There are so many creative bloggers who inspire me.  One of my favorite upcycles I’ve seen is a frame to tray.  Today is my simple DIY tray from a photo frame using milk paint and adhesive contact paper.

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Healthy Living: Lemon Honey Ginger Morning Drink To Support The Immune System

There are many internet posts about a tea from lemon, honey, and ginger to fight colds and flues. Most recipes start with fresh ginger (root) which is sliced, boiled and steeped to make tea. The tea is strained and added to lemon juice and honey. My morning drink has developed over many years. One winter I was very sick with the latest version of the flu. I had bronchitis and could barely talk. Two friends arrived in the evening with a fresh lemon, a jar of honey and a bottle of booze. They made a hot whiskey tonic. It was so soothing on my inflamed throat, my coughing decreased, and I went to sleep easily. For the next several days I made myself a lemon honey tonic without the booze. Read More