How To Keep Your Home’s Foundation Strong & Secure

Today, we’re diving into something that’s a bit of a big deal—the foundation of your home. Today, we’re talking about keeping the foundation of our homes as strong as The Hulk – okay, maybe not literally, but you get the gist. Stick with me because we’re about to break down how to keep that foundation solid and avoid forking out loads of cash on repairs later. Ready to jump in?

Let’s shine a spotlight on why this topic is getting all the attention. The bottom line? Your foundation holds up your whole house! Damage here can lead to big headaches like cracks or the dreaded water damage. Ignoring little signs could mean big bucks in repairs later on. But hey, don’t stress – we’ve got your back to stop that from happening!

Just like us, our homes need a little check-up regularly. Previously I’ve shared spring and fall home checklists for maintaining your home. Make it a point to inspect your foundation every 3–6 months for new issues. Look for new or widening cracks, moisture issues, and uneven flooring. There’s a great article, What a Foundation Is & What to Check For, over at Angie’s List. It discusses different kinds of foundations and what to look for.

Hire a professional if you find problems that need addressing. Seeing cracks or noticing doors and windows getting a bit jammy? These might be the early birds of foundation troubles. Catching these signs early can really save you from having to spend your entire emergency fund or getting a second mortgage to cover the costs.

Foundation inspections are crucial because they help identify foundation issues before they cause severe structural damage to your home. Not only do foundation problems tend to get worse over time and end up costing you more money, but the longer an issue persists, the more damage it will do to your structure above.

Handling water around your foundation is key. Keeping your gutters clean and those downspouts pointing the right way is crucial to keep water from being a homebody around your foundation. And if you’re in a spot that gets more than its fair share of rain, considering a yard drainage system could be your go-to saving grace. We’re aiming to keep water from getting too cozy around your foundation.

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Tips for a Fast Home Sale

As many of you know, after careful consideration I decided to sell my house. Then I did a major purge and had several projects completed. I removed some of my decor for a simpler and less personal look. My home is already painted neutral shades, and I love the light at the windows. I signed with a good agent and have been leaving my home for scheduled showings for the last 10 days.

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Designing a Beautiful, Kid-Friendly Home

When I was 5 years old, my family moved from Mobile, Alabama to Oak Ridge, Tennessee. We then spent most vacations each summer driving back to Alabama to visit relatives. I was the youngest of three and often spent my time with one of my parents during these trips, but I usually enjoyed it. My mother would take me to visit her cousin Annie. Annie and her husband never had children. Every visit we sat in the 3 season glassed porch where Annie felt I would do the least damage. She was very nervous when we sat in the living room with her beautiful glass decorations. If I actually even slightly moved my shoulder, she reacted. Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy our visits. My mother always complimented Annie on her beautiful home. I didn’t like sitting on a sofa covered in plastic.

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How To Have An Eco Friendly Kitchen

Yesterday I shared a review of kitchen design trends. Today I’d like us to consider ways to make our kitchens more environmentally friendly. Even the smallest of choices we each make can create a massive impact on the environment when combined with others. If you’re looking for ways to be eco-friendly, you can easily start right in your own kitchen. Designing a kitchen that incorporates sustainable materials like stone, granite and wood, is far better for the planet and will give a natural, organic aesthetic. Natural stone and wooden cabinets are not only sustainable, but long-lasting, durable and offer timeless style.

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Heather’s Winter Photos

Photos courtesy of my nephew’s wife, Heather, up in Michigan.

Today’s collection of photos are shared by Heather. We usually see her photos in her garden in the spring and summer. Sometimes she shares a few at Christmas. These images were shared one at time mostly from the end of December to the end of January. She enjoys taking photos of her of dogs and cats – all rescues.

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Small Budget, Big Home Improvements

We all have a wish list for our homes.  From the moment I walked through the house on a tour before I bought, I was making a checklist of what I liked and what I wanted to change.   Some home improvement means big bucks; other changes can be made on a small budget.   The smart home owners learn what is doable, plan, and make changes as they are able. For large ticket items, plan ahead and save for the upgrade. I made a 10 year plan and budgeted for a roof replacement, flooring change, new sliding patio doors, and a new central a/c. That was achieved over the last decade. Now I’m planning new washer/dryer, a new front door, and some small improvements in the next 4 to 6 years. Let’s talk about common home improvements.

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Planning For Future Hurricanes

There has been a lot of discussion here in Florida about what should be done in the future to prepare for the increasing frequency of killer hurricanes. As the ocean gets warmer, more storms develop with stronger winds. Several weeks ago Hurricane Ian left swollen lakes and rivers in Florida that continue to have communities underwater. St. Johns River, the largest river in Florida, is not expected to recede until Thanksgiving. Further south areas like Fort Myers have been devastated by Ian’s winds and rains. Some displaced residents say they are leaving Florida for good.

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