Small Budget, Big Home Improvements

We all have a wish list for our homes.  From the moment I walked through the house on a tour before I bought, I was making a checklist of what I liked and what I wanted to change.   Some home improvement means big bucks; other changes can be made on a small budget.   The smart home owners learn what is doable, plan, and make changes as they are able. For large ticket items, plan ahead and save for the upgrade. I made a 10 year plan and budgeted for a roof replacement, flooring change, new sliding patio doors, and a new central a/c. That was achieved over the last decade. Now I’m planning new washer/dryer, a new front door, and some small improvements in the next 4 to 6 years. Let’s talk about common home improvements.

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Smart Ways to Create More Space

Whether you are a single person in an apartment, a couple just starting a family, or a family with 4 kids with all of their possessions, most of us feel we need more space in our homes. Today let’s discuss planning your space to provide more storage for your family’s needs. Here are six ways to create more space for your family to make your home more comfortable. 

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Small Home Changes Can Make a Big Impact

We all have a wish list for our homes. Last week I shared my search for inspiration for small changes in my living room. I find that I do best by planning changes over months to even a year or two. I have to plan and budget for big ticket items. Sometimes I see a small need and try to find a solution in a shorter time line. I think of it as part of home maintenance. Below the addition of the bar adds so much storage space to the kitchen.

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New Flooring in The Bedroom

Last week was a dfficult and wonderful time.  It was the first step in muliple stages of changing the flooring in my home.   When I purchased my home, it had like new wall to wall carpet which I hate. The first time I walked in the house I thought how nice it would look with wood-look tile. Tile is a cool surface in the hot climate of Florida and easy to maintain.  Unfortunately, I only had 6 days from closing to move from my rented condo to the house. I was doing good to have the interior painted before the move. You may not have noticed that I rarely show a photo of my floors. Nope, I like to imagine how prettier it all will be without the carpet. Besides not liking the color (blue), I know carpet is not a good option for someone with allergies.  Mike, my lawn guy and handyman, estimates I have about 10 pounds of sand in the rugs.  Central Florida’s soil is mostly sand. No matter how much you vacuum or even steam clean, you can’t get it out.  I choose a light wood look tile which reminds me of driftwood.  The tile is lighter than the photos.  I tried multiple times but cannot capture a more realistic photo. Read More