Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Decorating your home is about sprucing up your living space with items you love and creating an ambiance of comfort. Beauty is subjective, as one person’s choice of the perfect home decor elements will vary from another person’s. However, there are some decorating mistakes you should avoid, regardless of your style preferences. So, are you planning a home decor project anytime soon? Here are some mistakes you might want to avoid. 

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Roses & A Stone Bird

When I feel like I can’t stand another day staying at home, I try to find something that brings me joy. It can be a simple thing – like flowers.  Roses are one of my favorite flowers. You can grow roses in Florida but it’s really hard and takes lots of work.  Roses really aren’t happy when it’s always hot. They can burn out and must be fed constantly.  I’ve not had luck growing them here and just buy my roses.

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Welcome Print

I am drawn to simple black and white prints. They are especially striking in a gallery wall with black frames.  This is the first of several black and white inspirational prints I will be sharing in the coming months.  I love that the black and white prints can be used in various home design styles.  Sometimes simple is best. Welcome in a leaf frame is sized 10″ x 8″. Read More

Going Red, White & Blue With Dollar Store Bandanas

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day. Company came to visit me for a long weekend which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Prior to the visit, I wanted to try adding red, white and blue for the holiday. I like to do things sweet and simple. I usually get into trouble when I complicate things. Have you ever heard of the KISS principle? I discovered it early in life.

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