Kitchen Design Trends for 2023

Decor should reflect your own unique style

Before I review style trends, I must preface this with my belief that you take current trends and adapt them to your personal style.  Whether you are a modern minimalist or a cottage lover, decor trends come and go.  Anyone remember scads of geese and ducks from the 1990’s?  How about palm trees?   There is nothing wrong with a duck, palm tree, or other vintage item in your home decor today if that fits your style or has a personal meaning to you.  I believe adding a few trendy items with the items you love and cherish can make your room more contemporary, but it is still  you.

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January Cyclamen Flowers

After the holidays when all the decorations come down, life seems kind of drab. In many locations of the country cold weather also brings darker skies. Here in central Florida, we’ve had several cold fronts with rain come down from the north. Cold for us. Even though I live in Florida and winters are mild, I always want a little pop of color in my home.

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My Favorite Flower Photos for 2022

Last week we looked at the top posts of 2022 in terms of visitors.  It was a chance for me to know what are your favorite posts. 2 days later I shared My Favorite Nature Photos for 2022. In the past I shared a mix of nature and flowers posts in one post, but there were too many photos this year. Today’s review includes both flowers in the garden and bouquets in the house from the last year.

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Top Posts in 2022

Welcome to my 2023 review of 2022!  It’s always fun to look back over the year to see what the top posts were. I had 54 features last year. Many thanks to the link party hosts for their support. In terms of posts with the most visits, there was a big surprise for me on the list. Only 3 posts written in 2022 were in the top 10 most popular posts.

I find it amazing that Search Engines sent me the most visitors. I feel that I’m writing and sharing with a small friendly group that I like and enjoy. Then at the end of the year I see the stats for the 12 months and it seems unbelievable. This past year I wrote fewer posts and joined fewer Link Parties. In 2021 I had a massive problem with the plug-in for subscribers. After months of trying to correct the problem, I finally changed plug-ins and tried to clean-up my subscriber list by asking everyone to verify their continued interest. My loyal subscribers will remember this process at the beginning of 2022. I had several home problems I resolved last year, had medical testing, and added medication. I thank all of my friends out there who visit regularly and especially those who comment. It’s a pleasure talking to you. I’m ready for a new year and hope we can continue our relationship.

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Christmas Decorations Display Palm Harbor

Photos to day are courtesy of my friend, Maryce. She drove to Indian Trails, Palm Harbor, Florida to see a popular Christmas decorations display. This is where local weatherman, Denis Phillips, lives. Annually he has such a fabulous display that at night cars clog all roads to the area. Slowly you stop and go to see displays. He more importantly raises LOTS of money for charity selling hot chocolate and cookies. Maryce went before dark to avoid the crowds but it’s sure to be worth a trip back when the lights are on.

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The Nativity Vignette

For to us a Child is born, to us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder, and His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. —Isaiah 9:6-7

Christmas, the day we remember the birth of Jesus, is almost here. A baby placed in a feeder holding food for animals because his parents did not have money. Now the word Nativity brings to mind pretty sets of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus with animals. You had to be poor to sleep in the structure with the animals. Today I’m sharing a beautiful vintage nativity I discovered at a thrift store.

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