How To Keep Your Home’s Foundation Strong & Secure

Today, we’re diving into something that’s a bit of a big deal—the foundation of your home. Today, we’re talking about keeping the foundation of our homes as strong as The Hulk – okay, maybe not literally, but you get the gist. Stick with me because we’re about to break down how to keep that foundation solid and avoid forking out loads of cash on repairs later. Ready to jump in?

Let’s shine a spotlight on why this topic is getting all the attention. The bottom line? Your foundation holds up your whole house! Damage here can lead to big headaches like cracks or the dreaded water damage. Ignoring little signs could mean big bucks in repairs later on. But hey, don’t stress – we’ve got your back to stop that from happening!

Just like us, our homes need a little check-up regularly. Previously I’ve shared spring and fall home checklists for maintaining your home. Make it a point to inspect your foundation every 3–6 months for new issues. Look for new or widening cracks, moisture issues, and uneven flooring. There’s a great article, What a Foundation Is & What to Check For, over at Angie’s List. It discusses different kinds of foundations and what to look for.

Hire a professional if you find problems that need addressing. Seeing cracks or noticing doors and windows getting a bit jammy? These might be the early birds of foundation troubles. Catching these signs early can really save you from having to spend your entire emergency fund or getting a second mortgage to cover the costs.

Foundation inspections are crucial because they help identify foundation issues before they cause severe structural damage to your home. Not only do foundation problems tend to get worse over time and end up costing you more money, but the longer an issue persists, the more damage it will do to your structure above.

Handling water around your foundation is key. Keeping your gutters clean and those downspouts pointing the right way is crucial to keep water from being a homebody around your foundation. And if you’re in a spot that gets more than its fair share of rain, considering a yard drainage system could be your go-to saving grace. We’re aiming to keep water from getting too cozy around your foundation.

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