Coconut Rum Balls

Rum balls have been a holiday tradition for many families. I don’t really like sweetened condensed milk, but coconut rum balls are my sister’s favorite holiday treat.  They are so easy to make that the kids can help. No baking is required.  Today’s recipe is the traditional recipe plus coconut.  You can make the treats with classic vanilla wafers or a plain chocolate cookie.  Crush the cookies in a ziplock plastic bag with a rolling pin or pulse in a food processor. Add cocount, condensed milk, and a little rum.  Placing the dough in the refrigerator for 4 hours help the flavors meld and decreases the dough stickiness.  Make the dough into balls and roll in coconut, crushed nuts, or confectioner’s sugar. I recommend making these ahead of time and placing the treats in the refrigerator for several days to enhance the flavor.

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