14 Appetizers for Your Holidays

One thing I can survive on during the holidays is appetizers. You know, those delicious little side dishes and finger foods that often involve cheese. Yes, I love most of them.

I’ve rounded up some really cute ideas that are pretty easy to make. So, if you’re in need of some tasty, fun food to feed family and friends this holiday season, try some of these.


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Holiday Chicken Salad

During the holiday season, we’re busy, and many of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking.  For a fast and delightful meal, make a chicken salad with lots of flavor and the sweet tang of fruit-juice sweetened dried cranberries.  I’m calling it Holiday Chicken Salad, but it is really a year-round favorite of mine.  You may add or delete ingredients to meet your family’s need. If you have baked chicken left over, make a salad.  It’s also a fast dinner fix with a store-rotisserie chicken as prep time is only 15 minutes.  Chilling at least an hour helps flavor to mingle.  It’s even better the second day.

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Maple Figs & Almond Brie

Any time is the right time for brie and fruit.  Add wine and your taste buds will dance. This elegant appetizer is perfect for late summer and early fall get-togethers. It is also a great dish for holiday parties. This is a fast, easy appetizer so begin to bake it when your guests arrive. Within about  20 minutes, everyone will be happily eating baked brie. This really isn’t a particularly inventive recipe. It is just 4 ingredients that will be a hit at the party! Read More

Homemade Citrus Cherry Cranberry Sauce

Holiday season means great food, and what is better than easy homemade cranberry sauce. Today’s recipe is simple and based on cranberries, oranges, and dried cherries.  Don’t have an orange but you have a tangerine? That would work as well.  My recipe is sugar-free with a wonderful sweetness based on applesauce and orange juice,  My sister can’t eat cinnamon and my family often comes up ways to add taste without cinnamon. Love cinnamon like me? Drop in a cinnamon stick; be sure to remove it after cooking.  This is one of those dishes you can make 3 or 4 days before your dinner and stick in the back of the refrigerator until it’s needed. Personally I like eating fresh cranberries as much as possible when they’re in season.

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