The Murphy ‘Halls Are Officially Decked!’

As many of you know, I am selling my house and buying a condo. I just have a few Christmas items in the living room to keep me happy, but I won’t be putting up a tree and doing all the decorating I normally do. Right now there are 2 stacks of packed boxes in the living room with more to come. Each stack is as tall as me. Same in the dining room. An inspector came last Monday at 12:45. Last Tuesday an appraisor came at noon. Sigh! I’ll be so happy when this is all over. I move to Lakeland on January 10th. Today’s photos are courtesy of my nephew James up in Michigan. Thank you James!

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A Beautiful Day at James E. Grey Preserve

James E Grey Preserve

6938 Plathe Rd, New Port Richey, FL  (727) 841-4560


James E. Grey Preserve is an amazing treasure in New Port Richey. Quiet, peaceful, and so old Florida, it is an 80-acre riverfront preserve offering many birds & other wildlife, 2 miles of trails & a playground. This City of New Port Richey park is quiet and very pretty. I saw plenty of pretty birds, gopher tortoises and turtles in the river.



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