30+Spring Recipes

Spring has always been my favorite time of year.  Nature seems to wake up after the winter sleep.  Green shoots push through the ground and the snow begins to melt.  I know we’re looking forward to spring,  and I’ve trying some new healthy recipes. What about you?  If eating healthier is on your to-do list this year, I’ve got some easy ways to incorporate healthy foods into your diet without sacrificing taste or spending hours in the kitchen.


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Curried Chickpeas With Tart Cherries, GF, Vegan

Recently on Facebook, I saw an interesting post about an anti-inflammatory dish, Curried Chickpeas with Tart Cherries.  I love cherries including tart cherries. Tart Cherries are little powerhouses fighting inflammation. Most diseases like arthritis and heart disease are inflammatory conditions.  Sonia and Alex at A Couple of Cooks, believe that food can be medicine.  I agree. Read More