How To Have An Eco Friendly Kitchen

Yesterday I shared a review of kitchen design trends. Today I’d like us to consider ways to make our kitchens more environmentally friendly. Even the smallest of choices we each make can create a massive impact on the environment when combined with others. If you’re looking for ways to be eco-friendly, you can easily start right in your own kitchen. Designing a kitchen that incorporates sustainable materials like stone, granite and wood, is far better for the planet and will give a natural, organic aesthetic. Natural stone and wooden cabinets are not only sustainable, but long-lasting, durable and offer timeless style.

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How To Not Waste Food

Back in 2018, I wrote about ways to not waste food.  Today I’m updating the information.

I have always believed that throwing away food is a sin. I know that is a “religious” word, but it seems appropriate to me. It’s an action against our neighbors, community, and world as we waste an essential that everyone needs. I really can’t accept the fact that someone is hungry while I pitch food that I let go bad. Did you know that between 30 to 40 %  of the food in the U. S. is thrown away?  This figure is based on studies of both retail and consumer levels.  The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimated in 2011 that approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption worldwide is lost or wasted.

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6 Smart Ways To Reduce Your Home’s Waste 

Most of us have room for improvement in environmental stewardship unless you live a zero-waste lifestyle. While the concept of decreasing waste can be intimidating, a good place to start is right at home. Making a deliberate attempt to adopt more eco-friendly waste strategies starts with recycling.  This can significantly impact your trash output. Here are some strategies to reduce your home’s waste output.


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Ways to Help The Environment

For the last year, the pandemic has transformed the way we live, impacting everything from how we work to how we socialize.  The good news is that the restrictions from the pandemic have made many people become more conscious of their carbon footprints. In April 2020, a poll by Ipsos found that 71 per cent of people in 14 countries felt that climate change was as serious a crisis as the pandemic. In July 2020, a survey by green energy provider Bulb found that more than a third of the UK public lived more sustainably during lockdown. Meanwhile, a US survey conducted by the Boston Consultancy Group  found that 70 per cent of people were more aware of their environmental impacts than before.

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Eco Friendly Home Decorating

Is there anything more satisfying than walking into a clean and welcoming home after working  hard all day? Your home is your refuge from the world and all its ills. It’s the place where you can kick off your shoes, let down your hair and relax. A space that allows you to be yourself without concession or compromise. As such, your home should reflect your tastes, personality and preferences. Still, for the eco-conscious, it may seem that this involves more than a little compromise. Is it really more expensive? Can it really be done on a budget? Read More

How to Live More Naturally

We live in a very unnatural world. We wake up, we jump on social media, we put on clothes made of artificial fibers, drive to work, sit in front of a computer all day, eat processed foods, come home, and watch TV all night.  How much time do you spend looking at a device? Phones, tablets, computers, TV, ….now many household appliances have computers in them too. Smart homes can talk to you and keep your home running. Nature and the environment have been stripped, cut, and polluted. Many of our fellow creatures that reside on this planet are gone or on the brink of extinction. Read More

DIY, All Natural Chocolate Face Mask

Don’t you love the smell of chocolate? I do and found this scrumptious face mask recipe about seven years ago on Spa Index. Unfortunately, my oily skin couldn’t handle this rich face mask, but I have given the recipe to friends, and they love it. This decadent mask is actually an excellent moisturizer; it leaves your skin baby soft. A natural, DIY mask that is easy to make and use without chemicals. It’s so safe you can actually eat it!

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