How to Live More Naturally

We live in a very unnatural world. We wake up, we jump on social media, we put on clothes made of artificial fibers, drive to work, sit in front of a computer all day, eat processed foods, come home, and watch TV all night.  How much time do you spend looking at a device? Phones, tablets, computers, TV, ….now many household appliances have computers in them too. Smart homes can talk to you and keep your home running. Nature and the environment have been stripped, cut, and polluted. Many of our fellow creatures that reside on this planet are gone or on the brink of extinction. Read More

Guest Post: Organic Cleaning With DIY Cleansers

Today I am privileged to introduce Louise Myers, of Top Cleaning ServicesLondon, England.  In the past, Louise experienced allergic reactions to many commercial cleansers. One of her two daughters has asthma like me. She did a lot of research and tried many alternative, healthier ways of cleaning. About a year ago, she founded Top Cleaning Services and offers her green, eco-friendly cleaning in London.  She believes that making your own natural (organic meaning made in nature) cleaning supplies is better than buying them because you have control over what is used, protect your family,  and save money. Most of the ingredients are right in your pantry. I  love her recipes and hope they will help you have a healthier home.


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