COVID-19 Review, Cleaning Tips, & Printables

CDC stats as of May 21, 2020:

US Cases: 1,551,095   US Deaths: 93,061


This spring has been incredibly stressful for the world with this scary pandemic.  I’ve read and heard contradictory rules and advice.  Part of the problem is that we started with little knowledge of this disease and are learning through studying the horrible disease process and its victims.  Although the majority of Americans are still staying home to avert the spread of the coronavirus, some communties are opening up.  Florida I believe has opened too early, and new cases are on the rise. I watched as a  Senator said “seniors should be willing to die for the economy.”  I don’t know about you, but it is not his choice on how I live.  I’m staying home through May.  I will venture out more with gloves and mask in June depending on the situation.   I did go to the doctor’s office last week (in mask and gloves) and stopped in the small local health food store in my neighborhood for my oat bread.  I had not been there in over 2 months.  The lady who has waited on me for years was working without a mask or gloves.  She told me we “are lucky here in Florida as the heat kills the virus.”  Even if that is true which I doubt, we were standing in an air conditioned store.  I had never realized what a foolish person she is. Read More