Fast & Filling Meals

If you want to create filling meals that don’t take any time at all then I have just what you need. The recipes below are not only quick, tasty, and healthy, but they also won’t cost a lot to make. We all have days where you are in a crunch and need to have dinner on the table in minutes. If this were winter, I would start with a few sheet pan meals which has the complete meal in one pan. For me it is already summer hot here in Florida, and I will save sheet pan meals for fall and winter. I will, however, include Stuffed Peppers as they are a favorite of mine, but they do take a few more minutes to fix.

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How to Host the Perfect Summer Garden Party

We’ve all been through a rough time the last 15 months.  Now that I’m vaccinated and my family is vaccinated, I’m planning on going north for a visit.  I need a hug.  Don’t you?  If you and your friends are vaccinated, invite them over this summer.  Get outside and enjoy your garden.  Enjoying your outdoor space and entertaining your friends really are two of the best things about the summer. There are a few holidays and special events during the next 3 months for get-togethers whether it is Father’s Day, 4th of July, or a special birthday.  


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How To Eat Takeout Food Without Ruining Your Diet

When you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet,  getting takeout is usually out of the question. After all, most takeout foods are very unhealthy, even if you don’t go for a burger or a pizza. If takeout is necessary, remember to have a good balance in your food order and to allow yourself a treat from time to time. The key is learning how to make takeout healthier.


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Top Posts of 2020

Welcome to my 2021 review of 2020!  It’s always fun to look back over the year to see what the top posts were. I have left out the almost 7000 visits to my home page/archives as it does not name specific posts. I also dropped visits to my email subscribers page which was 2nd in visits. I had over 18, 000 visitors with the highest number of visitors coming in March. Ah yes, horrible March when we all were made to stay home.  I love having visitors but I don’t want another March like that.  Let’s have some fun at look at the posts that made people happy.


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25+ Fall Appetizers

Life has been different since the pandemic began last March.  Large social gatherings have been dropped and seeing extended family has often been deferred.  We’re in the beginning of the favorite time of year for many people.  Colorful leaves, costumes at Halloween, Thanksgiving turkey, and then the holidays of Christmas and New Year provide a steady stream of fun and diversion.  Perhaps this year is different, but we can still enjoy our favorite celebrations  even if they are small and intimate.  In some ways that may make it even better.



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Fun Heart-Shaped Food Ideas For Valentine’s Day!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and it’s the perfect time to think about fun heart-shaped food for your special someone and your family.  Why not say I love you with delicious foods?  That’s a sure way to win hearts and a perfect last-minute gift. You can buy heart pizzas, bagels, cookies, cakes and so many sweet desserts. If you want homemade, let’s take a look at fresh from the kitchen food for your meals. Read More