Festive Turkey Caramel Apple Tray

Fall is the perfect time for get-togethers and soon the season ends with a celebration of gratefulness. Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. If you’re having a crowd over before dinner, offer some appetizers that are not only tasty but also a little bit nutritious. You may have seen versions of this tray around the internet. Today I’m discussing a Turkey Caramel Apple Tray. Food art in the shape of a turkey. This is the perfect fall tidbit before the big meal. Slice apples of your choice and arrange them in a half circle at the top of a large plate or tray. Place a round bowl or container of dip at the bottom with 2 chocolate chips and a candy corn placed on it. The chips are eyes and the candy corn is his beak. You now have a cute turkey, and if you use 2 different types of apples, the “feathers” will vary. I suggest Granny Smith, Fuji, or Honeycrisp.

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Easter Egg Ideas

There are many creative bloggers who have shared cute egg crafts and design online. I have pinned so many cute ideas over the years, and this spring it is time to try a few. First, about a month ago I started saving my egg shells when baking or scrambling eggs. Instead of cracking an egg in two, I hit the top of the egg with a spoon. Removed the top section of shell and poured out the egg. The shell was washed well and set to dry. I will be using them as little vases later on. To hold the egg shell upright, I cut out cups from a cardboard egg carton.

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Lamb Spring Veggie Platter

 I enjoy food art. Spring and Easter are a perfect time to make cute food to celebrate. First I shared Tomato Tulips last month. Last week I shared 16 Ways to Make a Lamb Cake which really got me thinking about lambs and sheep. Today we’ll talk about a vegetable platter for all spring get-togethers with a cute lamb face for the veggie dip. I looked at lots of spring food art trays and platters online and then came up with my own twist. I started with my green crystal platter and some of my favorite vegetable finger foods with a container of hummus. You could use your favorite dip if it is light colored like onion dip.

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Fun Heart-Shaped Food Ideas For Valentine’s Day!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and it’s the perfect time to think about fun heart-shaped food for your special someone and your family.  Why not say I love you with delicious foods?  That’s a sure way to win hearts and a perfect last-minute gift. You can buy heart pizzas, bagels, cookies, cakes and so many sweet desserts. If you want homemade, let’s take a look at fresh from the kitchen food for your meals. Read More