Sunset on the Balcony

I’ve been absent from the blog for the last 4 days as I had my nephew, James, and his wife, Heather, visiting. It was such fun. We talked, went for a ride, went out for dinner Sunday evening. They were very sweet, and they cooked for me, cleaned up the kitchen, and even made the bed before they left. Saturday they had me sit while they brought each box left on the balcony and emptied it. I told them where to put the items and now have a clean balcony. They love the condo, and I reminded them, my will leaves it to them.

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Catching Up & My Updated Condo Dining Room

I’ve been in my condo about 2 months. Besides the work I am having done by others, my time was originally spent unpacking and organizing. I shared before that I hurt my back carrying a heavy box. It was getting better until I re-injured it. I have spent weeks trying to relax my back and let the soft tissue injury heal. Last Thursday I was worse than ever as I started having RA (rheumatoid arthritis) flashing pain in various places on my body. I have RA episodes when I’m stressed and I’ve been stressed. I went to see my primary doctor, and he helped. I got a shot and 2 prescriptions to help ease the pain and relax the muscles. Needless to say those boxes left on the balcony will continue to wait.

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Tabebuia Trees Spring Blooms

Common name(s): Golden trumpet tree

Family: Bignoniaceae

USDA hardiness zones: 9B through 11

Origin: native to Central and South America

This last week I was surprised by the sudden blooms of bright yellow on trees in the neighborhood. I wasn’t familiar with the species. I did some research on the golden trees. Tabebuias are from the West Indies, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Central America, but several species are very well adapted to South Florida. I was thrilled to find the golden beauties here in central Florida. Since they are tropical plants, they WON’T SURVIVE HARD FREEZES.

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