Dune Sunflower Mini Bouquet

Dune Sunflower AKA Beach Sunflower is a fast-growing ground cover native to central Florida.  It is a highly salt-tolerant plant that thrives in sandy, well-drained soil in full sun. It can be found growing naturally on sand dunes and with native vines and grasses. Back 4 years ago, a friend gave me some Dune Sunflower seedlings which I planted around the yard.  Under adequate growing conditions, it becomes a shrubby ground cover of about two to four feet tall.  I didn’t realize how big the little seedling would get and it started taking over my yard. In the fall I removed the plants, but  I  still get little babies coming up. I remove most of them.  The one I let stay grows into a huge mound of flowers.  Today I’m sharing a little mini-bouquet of little Dune Sunflowers with greenery from the yard.




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