Flamingo Gardens & Museum

Flamingo Gardens & Wildlife Sanctuary
3750 South Flamingo Road
Davie, FL 33330-1614

Flamingo Gardens was originally founded as Flamingo Groves, a citrus orchard, in 1927 by Floyd L. and Jane Wray. The Wrays came to Florida in 1925 and were deeply intrigued with the horticultural possibilities of the subtropical locale. They purchased 320 acres of land around and including Long Key in the Everglades. On January 2, 1927, Floyd L. Wray incorporated Flamingo Groves, beginning what was to become one of the first botanical gardens and tourist attractions in South Florida. 

The Floyd L. Wray Memorial Foundation was established in 1969 by Mrs. Wray, in honor of her late husband, to preserve the core property for future generations and emphasize the history of the Florida Everglades. The name was changed to Flamingo Gardens, and the gardens were preserved and  expanded. In 1990, the Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary opened with the Bird of Prey Center, followed by the half-acre Free-flight Aviary featuring the 5 ecological zones of South Florida. One of the first of its kind in the country, the sanctuary gave residence to permanently injured or non-releasable Florida native wildlife. 


$21.95 per day adult admission



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A Visit To Cracker Country at The Florida State Fair

It’s usually late summer or early fall when most people think of their State Fair, but that’s not typically the time Floridians think of theirs. The first week of February is when the magic begins for us. We don’t have the drastic change in seasons to remind us it’s time for the annual fair. Don’t think that means in the 112 years the Florida State Fair has existed that there weren’t times when we had to trade our shorts and flip-flops in for a pair of jeans and long sleeves. Our blood runs a little thinner than most here in the Sunshine State. When the mercury dips below 70, we understand the dangers of prolong exposure to the elements, and we break out the socks and a light jacket.  February is usually a bright, warm time to explore and have fun at the fair.

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