Fast & Filling Meals

If you want to create filling meals that don’t take any time at all then I have just what you need. The recipes below are not only quick, tasty, and healthy, but they also won’t cost a lot to make. We all have days where you are in a crunch and need to have dinner on the table in minutes. If this were winter, I would start with a few sheet pan meals which has the complete meal in one pan. For me it is already summer hot here in Florida, and I will save sheet pan meals for fall and winter. I will, however, include Stuffed Peppers as they are a favorite of mine, but they do take a few more minutes to fix.

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Maple Figs & Almond Brie

Any time is the right time for brie and fruit.  Add wine and your taste buds will dance. This elegant appetizer is perfect for late summer and early fall get-togethers. It is also a great dish for holiday parties. This is a fast, easy appetizer so begin to bake it when your guests arrive. Within about  20 minutes, everyone will be happily eating baked brie. This really isn’t a particularly inventive recipe. It is just 4 ingredients that will be a hit at the party! Read More