A Soft October In The Living Room

My small home is located on the west coast of central Florida, and my county is northwest of Tampa.  My style is eclectic with coastal elements.  Fall decorating is often a problem because honestly orange doesn’t really fit.  This year has been stressful for me. A short case of COVID in August. A month later I get my flu shot and then had a mini-flu episode.  I am currently moving my photo storage online which seems to take forever.  What I really wanted in my home was soft colors and a relaxing atmosphere.  The main feature of my living room is the futon with the oil painting above it. It really dominates the room.  Adding pillows and a throw is how I change the futon to fit seasons, holidays, or my mood. Buying the wash and dry white futon cover is the smartest thing I’ve ever done.


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Grateful Autumn Printable

Autumn is here, and we are again blessed with the beauty of fall surrounding us.  It is a time to be grateful for our health, family, friends, and life itself.  I’m a person who loves the little things in life. Despite the turmoil of the world, I am very grateful to be here and sharing with you. Blogging has brought new friends scattered in many places. Many of the homelands of my friends are far from me, but I love how they share their lives. Thank you.

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My October Porch

I’m recycling a post from the past, my October porch 2016. This year I have a wreath and  2 potted yellow hibiscus shrubs but that year was a time for more fall decoration.  I hope you enjoy it.  My porch is hard to decorate as it is long and thin with no steps.  


The weather here in central Florida  is getting a little cooler with less humidity, but it’s still like summer in comparision to up north.  Highs still in the 80’s and mostly blue skies and white clouds. I’m looking forward to cooler weather in the next two months.

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Fall Porch Ideas

No matter the size of your porch, you can decorate it with style.  Today we’ll discuss easy ways to embrace fall on your front porch. Most of the porches everyone loves are loaded with pumpkins.  Sometimes it looks like there is little room to walk into the home because of the amount of decorations. I personally prefer a simple approach, but we all can pick and choose what ideas we use. Just a reminder that it isn’t safe to put pumpkins and flowers in front of the door or filling most of the steps. That’s a trip hazard.   The goal is for a welcoming entry with easy access. Now, let’s explore some beautiful ideas.



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Fall Tablescape Ideas

It’s September and apples, pumpkins, and colorful leaves are calling.  I’ve added fall touches to my home even though in Florida, we aren’t through with summer.  I am now trying to capture that feeling of autumn beauty.  Natural decorations can make your home look really welcoming and really do freshen up your home for fall.

One of my greatest pleasures is enjoying a beautiful table set for the season. In the next few months, we’ll celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, and just the joy of fall.  Are you ready to set a pretty fall table? I’m sharing a few ideas with beautiful examples of a wonderful fall table. Read More