How to Have Beautiful Legs

We’re in the heat of summer and wearing shorts and pretty little dresses.  We need to take care of our legs year round, but especially right now.  I’m sure you have a skin care routine for your face, but your legs need care too. Whether you are in a restaurant or on the beach, you deserve to feel as if your legs are stealing the show, from cheap laser hair removal to short skirts to show it off.


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How to Buy A Putter Golf Club

Golf club sets are composed of 14 clubs which is the maximum legal amount allowed by the USGA. In a beginner golf club set you should look for a good mix of drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter. Most importantly, you want the golf clubs to cover your distance gaps.


Back decades ago, I took a golf class early Saturday morning for over a year.  It was a great way to learn a new skill, get exercise, and wake up my body after a week of work.  I loved it.  If you  enjoy the game of golf, you need to understand the importance of your putter. It may not be the longest hitting club in your bag, but your putter is most important when it comes to putting a score on the scorecard. A well fit putter can help a golfer escape disaster on a hole poorly played, or help convert a birdie putt after a shot that is well struck.


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Surprising Benefits of Exercise

 “There is no pill that comes close to what exercise can do,  and if there was one, it would be extremely expensive.”

Claude Bouchard, director of the human genomics laboratory at Pennington Biomedical Research Center 


The Coronavirus pandemic has contributed to millions of us spending more than at home than usual. I have not been as active as my body needs, and there has been a negative difference.   I’m sitting here today thinking about adding activities to be more active. I’ve been reading about the latest science of exercise.  Did you know that exercise can have a positive effect on your life in many ways?  According to Time magazine’s  The New Science of Exercise, only 20% of Americans get the recommended 150 minutes of strength and cardiovascular physical activity per week, more than half of all baby boomers report doing no exercise whatsoever, and 80.2 million Americans over age 6 are entirely inactive.  It seems exercise is really medicine – great medicine better than any pill.  Let’s look at some of the most significant benefits of exercise and some tips to get you started.   Read More

6 Ways to Feel More Beautiful & Confident

Graphic Art by Natalia Lavrinenko via Pixabay


Has your area left quarantine?  My state is slowing coming out, but due to my own immune issues, I am still sitting here in the living room.  If you are like me, you need a hair cut and long for the freedom to go to the garden store, thrift store, or wherever you like to shop.   Are you feeling like an old onion left in the pantry too long?  You deserve to feel beautiful and confident about yourself. Although you may not feel this way currently, be glad to know there are steps you can take to improve your mental and physical health. Read More

Tips for A Healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day to remember our blessings and be thankful, but it is also a society-sanctioned time of excess. Everybody expects everyone to over eat and pig out.  According to the Calorie Control Council, the average American consumes about 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat on Thanksgiving. That’s like consuming three sticks of butter.  The over-eating continues the next day with all the leftovers, and you’re suddenly in the Christmas season.  Candy, cookies, pie – the list is long. Too much too often usually means weight gains at the end of the year.

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