How to Make Your Fall Home Cozy

Thursday is the first OFFICIAL day of fall although many of us already feel it’s here. All too soon the leaves will start to fall from the trees, the evenings will get darker, and the temperatures will drop significantly. With the changing weather and changing seasons, you might be thinking about how you can get your home ready for the season. 

Previously I posted how to keep your property safe from the colder elements, but what other steps can you take to create a fall home that’s cozy, comfortable, and wonderfully warm and welcoming? The good news is that getting your home ready for shorter and colder days is easy.

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How To Make A Stylish Home Entry

Last week we discussed how to create an entryway when your front door opens directly into the living room.  This was really a fun project for me since I literally do not have an entry.  During my exploration of the subject of stylish entryways, I saw many larger beautiful spaces that I want to share.  Today let’s visit stylish larger entry halls and foyers for more design inspiration.

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How To Create An Entryway

Last week I was visiting my sister in Michigan.  As you read this I am flying home to Florida today August 17th.  I enjoyed my visit and my hugs from family.  Last Friday my sister had lunch with an old friend that I chose not to attend.  I spent the afternoon looking at beautiful spaces online.  Today I’m sharing fabulous designs I discovered on my wanders. I hope you enjoy  it. 

A home’s entry can be tricky to design. Many of us actually do not have an entry space at all.  From apartments to houses, many homes like mine have a front door that opens straight into the living room. Some homes might open into a small space or hallway that leads directly into a staircase. Or in other instances, the entryway has little to no room. Let’s look at ways to create the feeling of an entry.

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