Getting Ready for Emergencies – Time to Review

Disasters and emergencies happen everywhere.  Whether you live in tornado alley, an earth quake area, or down in the tropics, there are times you may need to evacuate your home.  Thinking none of those natural disasters apply?  How about a tanker or railroad car accident with say a cargo of chemicals?  A wildfire coming out of the woods toward your home?  Let’s not forget September 11th and the terrorist attack that filled the air with smoke and toxic fumes.

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Emergency Preparation – Are You Prepared? With Free Printables

Emergency Prep #3  ( 1st- 7/7/2015. 2nd-5/2018)

No matter where you live emergencies and natural disasters can happen. Blizzards,  flooding, high winds producing tornadoes and hurricanes. earthquakes, and wildfires are all examples of natural disasters.  This spring we all learned that emergencies can include a pandemic. In today’s world, the emergency could also be a terrorist attack of some kind too.   When you are given a few hours or even minutes to relocate, you can’t make detailed arrangements. You need to already have a plan and immediately proceed.

In any emergency, the number 1 rule is: Remember to follow the directions of local officials. Your local officials will be the best source of information before, during, and after the emergency situation.  If the situation is a medical emergency such as the pandemic, I would strongly advise following your  personal physician’s advice and the advice of medical authorities on the subject.  They are the ones briefing the government officials.

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