Roost in The Wetlands

Today’s photos are taken very close to my home.   I hesitated to share them as I don’t have the equipment to zoom in and really do close-ups of the birds. Some of you may remember my bird photos are when the birds walk up to me. There is a strip mall on U.S. 19 (a major road running north and south on the west coast of Florida) where I often shop. The post office is there as well as Dollar Tree, a bookstore, a candle shop, Ross for Less, several restaurants and even Bealls.  Easter morning I needed to get out of the house for a while and took a drive. Most of the mall stores were closed but I went anyway.  There is a small street on the side of the mall that many of us use to avoid U. S. 19.  Along that small stretch of road is a fenced pocket of wetland where birds roost.

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A Few Florida Wading Birds

It’s nesting season for Florida’s water birds spring and summer.  If you come to a Florida beach during these times, please take a few simple steps  to not disturb the birds and their chicks.  This increases their chance of survival.  Shorebirds and seabirds build shallow nests out of sand and shells on beaches and are difficult to see.  Wading birds nest on mangroves and tree islands around the states. Both types are easily disturbed which can cause them to abandon their nesting sites exposing eggs and chicks to predators. Many are facing conservation challenges.  If you see a Critical Wildlife Area designation, avoid that area and keep your distance. Keep the beach clean and do not feed wildlife. Food scraps attract predators such as raccoons and crows which prey on shorebirds eggs and chicks.  Litter on beaches can entangle birds and other wildlife.


This is a rare post for me – I do not get great photos of birds and butterflies.  I don’t have the equipment nor knowledge to do a great bird post.  Birds are smart and even when they’re in my backyard, they will fly if they see me. That even means seeing me through my window.  They don’t know it’s glass.  They see me in the sliding glass doors and they’re gone.  I can’t tell you how many blurry photos I’ve taken of birds in my yard or elsewhere. The above photo inspired me to do a little bird post. Those are ibis.



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