6 Smart Ways To Reduce Your Home’s Waste 

Most of us have room for improvement in environmental stewardship unless you live a zero-waste lifestyle. While the concept of decreasing waste can be intimidating, a good place to start is right at home. Making a deliberate attempt to adopt more eco-friendly waste strategies starts with recycling.  This can significantly impact your trash output. Here are some strategies to reduce your home’s waste output.


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Eco Friendly Home Decorating

Is there anything more satisfying than walking into a clean and welcoming home after working  hard all day? Your home is your refuge from the world and all its ills. It’s the place where you can kick off your shoes, let down your hair and relax. A space that allows you to be yourself without concession or compromise. As such, your home should reflect your tastes, personality and preferences. Still, for the eco-conscious, it may seem that this involves more than a little compromise. Is it really more expensive? Can it really be done on a budget? Read More