Cheesy Ham & Asparagus Casserole

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a safe and happy holiday.

If you have leftover ham from a holiday dinner, today’s recipe, Cheesy Ham & Asparagus Casserole, is just for you. This casserole has ham, onion, eggs, red bell peppers, asparagus, and lots of cheese. Most of the ingredients you may already have on hand. It is a wonderfully easy quiche-like casserole to throw together for dinner or breakfast. You can even prepare the ingredients in the dish, cover it, and put in the refrigerator overnight. I would increase baking time from 25 to 35 minutes due to the cold ingredients. If the cheese starts to brown too quickly, cover dish with aluminum foil to finish cooking.

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Easy Meatball Soup

I’m a huge soup fan. Start with a great broth, add fresh vegetables and herbs, and enjoy a fast, healthy meal.  Today let’s talk about meat ball soup. For a warm bowl of Italian comfort.  try this soup which is similar to Italian Wedding soup.  I enjoy eating delicious food, but you know I like to keep it healthy.  I’m using extra-lean ground beef with eggs and bread crumbs for my meatballs. The beef has great flavor and less fat. You could also use ground turkey or chicken.  Let the meatballs cook in the broth with pasta or potatoes and you have a tasty meal with crusty whole-grain bread or cheese toast.  I keep the meatballs smaller like 3/4″ to cook faster and to fit into your soup spoon.



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Quick & Easy Cheesy Baked Tomatoes Gluten-Free

Whether your garden is exploding with fresh tomatoes in the summer or you bought winter tomatoes at the supermarket, a simple and yummy dish is cheesy baked tomatoes.  My recipe does not use bread crumbs and is gluten-free and grain-free.  Even in the winter, baking tomatoes brings out so much flavor. This is a perfect appetizer or first course and also makes a delicious side with many entrees.

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