New Single Red Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis: Tropical hibiscus grows permanently in the landscape in warmer U.S. Dept of Agriculture  zones 9 through 11, unless they are taken indoors in winter. Outdoors, one freeze – below 25 degrees Fahrenheit – will kill them   A hibiscus flower usually has five petals (a single hibiscus). 


Recently I purchased 4 new tropical hibiscus. Several weeks ago I shared my two beautiful new yellow single hibiscus plants.  My two red hibiscus were $7.98 each  which is a wonderful deal.  Today we’ll look at my new single hibiscus in red and compare it to my older established double hibiscus. (Double hibiscus have multiple layers of petals for a ruffled look.)

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Rain Brings Flowers

Late fall through late spring is the dry season here in central Florida.  Some years we still have a decent amount of rain, but most years it is not often enough.  My yard has some tropical plants, like tropical hibiscus, that with rain will burst into blooms year round.   One such hibiscus is my peach double hibiscus.   Most hibiscus are single hibiscus with 5 leaves.  Thanks to modern cultivation techniques, some varieties can produce flowers with more than five petals – called “double hibiscus” – in a dazzling array of colors, sizes, and shapes. They grow in semi-tropical and tropical growing zones here in the U. S.  (zones 9 to 11)



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