Pet Time With Heather

The photos today were taken by my nephew’s wife, Heather, in their Michigan home. Many thanks to Heather and her rescued pets! I’m doing well and feel little improvements daily.

Last week on May 4th, many people celebrated Star Wars Day with memes and the phrase may the 4th be with you. Heather celebrated with her dog, Lola, and one of her two cats, Charlotte. I hope the 4th was with you!

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Heather’s Winter Photos

Photos courtesy of my nephew’s wife, Heather, up in Michigan.

Today’s collection of photos are shared by Heather. We usually see her photos in her garden in the spring and summer. Sometimes she shares a few at Christmas. These images were shared one at time mostly from the end of December to the end of January. She enjoys taking photos of her of dogs and cats – all rescues.

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Lucy’s First Christmas

Today’s photos are courtesy of Lisa Marinelli Murphy, my nephew Robert’s wife.


I’ve shared photos from Robert & Lisa before. They share their photos of the autumn trips to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan celebrating their anniversary. Their honeymoon photos are at Fall in Michigan.

Robert adopted a rescue basset hound some years ago.  His wife had an old beagle and old cat.  When they married, they called their home the old animal rescue as a joke.


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