Designing A Dining Room To Welcome Family

Sharing a meal with your family at the end of a tough day is one of the daily joys that make life far more enjoyable. Depending on your home’s style and age, many modern homes no longer have a formal dining room.  For most families, overly formal parties are out of style. Modern homes have an intimate area for the family to eat and spend time together. They are also showing a preference for child-safe dining rooms with personal and creative touches in the design.




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A Gift of Yellow Tulips For Vickie

I’ve been having my groceries delivered for the last 3 months. I’ve really missed going through the fresh flowers at the market to make a bouquet.  I tried something new with my last delivery and ordered a bouquet of baby’s breath and one of yellow tulips. I had wanted several hydrangea but I couldn’t order them. Anyway the flowers were lovely when delivered with my groceries. Read More

Rustic Bunny Spring Table

How are you doing this Wednesday morning?  I hope your family and you are safe and sound.  Today I’m celebrating my 72nd birthday with a pretty spring table.  Nope, not seeing anyone; I’m just talking on the phone as I have done daily for several weeks.  So, now let’s think about a pretty table to lighten the mood.  I want a more rustic spring table. Several weeks ago on my last trip to Ross for Less, I got several items that are perfect for a table: a wood slab I’ve wanted for a while, a rustic rabbit figurine, and 2 springtime plates with flowering trees.   The wood slab is the basis for the centerpiece.  I cannot go buy fresh flowers so I added a faux flower arrangement with pink tulips.  On the side of the flowers is the rustic bunny.  I put a sheer pink ribbon around his neck.  Ribbon has been also added to the vintage milk glass vase of flowers. Read More

Blue & Yellow Summer Table

It is so hot and humid here in Florida. I’m already looking forward to a slight cool down in the fall. I have my fingers crossed that there isn’t a huge storm like Irma this year.  Toward the end of summer everything seems to be brighter – the sun and my colorful crotons.  Today I’m sharing an end-of-summer table in blue and yellow.


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Pastel Blue Cottage Table

My friends and I often get together for brunch or lunch. Sometimes we eat out and sometimes we dine in one of our homes. Today I’m sharing a pretty, farmhouse cottage table covered with a handmade quilt. It was a present many years ago from my wonderful sister-in-law, the best little sister anyone could ask for.  It is a lap quilt with a hanging pocket  on the back. Over the years, I’ve hung it on the wall, displayed it on my bed. and laid it on tables.




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