How to Add Spring in The Dining Room

Today let’s talk about easy spring decorating ideas that take just minutes and make a big impact. First, be sure you clean your windows so as the days get sunnier and green appears outside, you can enjoy it. Get dark heavy things out of the room. Pack away winter things and add a few items of decor that are cozy, comforting and reflect a spring mood. When your home comes with an architectural feature like a fireplace, that makes it easy to decorate the focal point. When you have nothing like that, it’s best to add items that give texture, add spots of color, or perhaps tie the room together. For my dining room, several years ago I added a photo ledge from Etsy on the wall behind the dining table. That gives the room a focal point. Seasonally, I often change the art on the walls to reflect the changing months. This month I started with moving my fawn print to the ledge in the dining room. A simple art print or rug addition can transform a space.

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Designing A Dining Room To Welcome Family

Sharing a meal with your family at the end of a tough day is one of the daily joys that make life far more enjoyable. Depending on your home’s style and age, many modern homes no longer have a formal dining room.  For most families, overly formal parties are out of style. Modern homes have an intimate area for the family to eat and spend time together. They are also showing a preference for child-safe dining rooms with personal and creative touches in the design.




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A Simple Early Autumn Table

My home has many coastal elements. Every fall I am faced with decorating for autumn using my colors. I use more textures, tans, and browns. I add deeper toned colors as the season progresses.  I look for softer shades of typical fall colors. I also love using turquoise in the fall with tans, browns, and golden tones. Officially it is autumn on September 22nd, but today I’m adding a few coastal autumn colors in the dining room.



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Roses & A Stone Bird

When I feel like I can’t stand another day staying at home, I try to find something that brings me joy. It can be a simple thing – like flowers.  Roses are one of my favorite flowers. You can grow roses in Florida but it’s really hard and takes lots of work.  Roses really aren’t happy when it’s always hot. They can burn out and must be fed constantly.  I’ve not had luck growing them here and just buy my roses.

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Autumn Picture Ledge

For fall I am adding texture, natural materials, and rustic details. My goal is a rustic coastal home with lots of tans, textures, and browns.  I wanted my heron printable from the classic book, Birds of Australia, on the dining room picture ledge. I put it in a new aged white frame and added a shabby chic dollar store pumpkin on each end.  I made those a few years ago.  I measured a length of jute against it for size and adjusted the length.



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Winter Decor Transition

We’re now in that awkward time when all the holidays are over.  The tree, lights, and beautiful holiday decor are put away for another year.  If you’re like me, it can all seem pretty blah about now. My family left last week after a long holiday visit and I am in high gear to refresh my decor.  I usually like to stick with red in my January living room and dining area.  Sometimes I use deeper shades of cranberry or maroon. This year I’m going with red in the living room and the deeper colors in the dining room. Read More