Nashville June Gardens

Happy 4th of July to All Americans! Photos are courtesy of my friends Marge and her daughter Terri who live in the greater Nashville area. Thank you!

Back many years ago in my 20’s, I lived in Nashville, Tennessee, and met a wonderful lady at work named Marge. I was just out of college my second year while Marge had been married since high school graduation and had 3 children. She invited me home to dinner and the rest is history. We’ve been friends through the decades and are both retired. Her eldest child is Terri who is a grandmother herself now. We’ve visited Terri’s garden quite a few times, but today we’ll start with a few shots of Marge’s garden around her deck.

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Deer Family In Terri’s Backyard

My friend Terri lives in her home in Tennessee and often shares her photos of flowers and backyard visitors. Back in the spring, I shared Terri’s Spring Flowers. In May she shared her summer garden. Today she is sharing her deer family that occasionally comes to visit. She said she hadn’t seen them in a while and was so happy all three came. Terri puts out feed for birds, squirrels, and deer. Her home backs up to woods. Right now Terri is worrying about the deer as hunting season is starting soon. She’d love to hide the deer.

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Adding Christmas

This last weekend I was working on my home rearranging art and adding Christmas decorations.  My favorite way to decorate for Christmas is with vignettes added to a room.  Let’s start with the dining room.  Last week I decorated the dining table with a poinsettia topper and my decorated Advent candleholder.  Today I’m sharing the updated picture ledge behind the table.

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