Welcome Print

I am drawn to simple black and white prints. They are especially striking in a gallery wall with black frames.  This is the first of several black and white inspirational prints I will be sharing in the coming months.  I love that the black and white prints can be used in various home design styles.  Sometimes simple is best. Welcome in a leaf frame is sized 10″ x 8″. Read More

Watercolor Nature Prints

Today I’m so happy to share 3 hand-painted watercolor prints based on a free work by German graphic designer, Stefan Schweihofer. I cropped, edited, and resized his graphic design to make 3 separate prints. All prints are sized 10″ x 10″.  They would be beautiful as framed prints, cards, or even printed on material for pillows. I love the colors – they’re the colors of the ocean to me. Read More

Summer Umbrella Wreath

For years I have seen umbrella wreaths filled with flowers on various blogs. They even sell them on Etsy. I’ve wanted to do one for a long time but there was a problem. All of my umbrellas have little round handles that fold up for easy carrying. I’ve looked for some time for an attractive old-fashioned handled umbrella that was affordable.  This year I found a perfect one at Aldi in April. Read More

Sunny May Table

It’s the first day of May and we’ve been having wonderful weather the last few weeks. This year we have actually had spring! Yeah! All too often Florida goes from winter straight into hot, humid summer with little in-between. About 10 days ago a storm blew in from across the Gulf and brought slightly cooler weather. One day with a high in the 60’s followed by 5 days with highs in the 70’s. I’ve been smiling the whole time. Read More

Adding Fall To Coastal Decor

Living in Florida, I have many coastal elements in my home.  My living room decor is dominated by my floral painting  over the futon (see Original Art by Peter Cocuzza) and is mostly coastal in colors.  I change the feel of the room for fall by adding more tan, deeper colors, and textures.  I’m not really an orange fan.  Instead of aqua and peach think turquoise, deep purples, and navy blues.

Read More