Winter Fox Printable

I love many kinds of animals, and the fox is one of my favorites. It’s not like I’ve ever lived around them, but all the movies and photos I’ve seen have made me very fond of the little red faces.  I happened to find art work by an artist in Slovakia who goes by the on-line name, Marty-arts. She shares some of her art online, and I do love her animals.  Today’s print is based on her art with modifications. (Her art is shared on a site with free downloads with a public do-as-you-please license.)  Today I’m sharing a winter fox print for the season of ice and snow. Read More

Dollar Store Fall Candle

I’ve been adding fall to various parts of my home – the futon, flower arrangements, and wall art.  I wanted something a little special to add to my planter of green vines.  A visit to Dollar Tree and I came home with an LED candle and a packet of fall sticker of pumpkins and maple leaves. The stickers have a wood look to them which is perfect!

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