Tips on Furnishing Your New Home

A friend of mine bought a new house last month.  In the last few months, he has retired,  sold his home in North Carolina, and put his stuff in storage. He came down for a month and started looking at houses all around central Florida. He had done his homework and knew what he wanted. He took his time, saw lots of places, and found a great  one. He then started to make it HIS PERFECT HOME.   

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Decorate Your Home for Happiness

It’s been almost a year of the pandemic.  Boredom is a result most of us are familiar with.  Life awaits us with adventures to be had, relationships to forge and nurture, new experiences and opportunities behind every corner. Yet we still have fears and limits to what we can do safely during this time.  The result is we spend most of our time within our homes.   Last Sunday I wrote about how my home is my haven and asked what is your refuge.  Today let’s consider how our home affects our happiness and mental health.




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Create An Inviting & Welcoming Home

Your home is your refuge. It is the environment that allows you to “relax, regroup, and reinforce the best of who you are.”  Today let’s  discuss tricks to create an inviting, cozy, super welcoming home for your family and your guests.  How to create a space that no one wants to leave?  Let’s begin with a few ideas from old posts and around the internet. 

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Welcome Print

I am drawn to simple black and white prints. They are especially striking in a gallery wall with black frames.  This is the first of several black and white inspirational prints I will be sharing in the coming months.  I love that the black and white prints can be used in various home design styles.  Sometimes simple is best. Welcome in a leaf frame is sized 10″ x 8″. Read More