Reindeer Cookies for Christmas

I must begin by saying how much I like food art – those appetizers and desserts that look like something else.  I’m always reading posts and pins with cute and tasty food; that’s my 2 requirements for me to try them.  I’ve done Easter chicks from deviled eggs, Halloween Spider Eggs,  and  Cream Cheese & Olive Penguins for Christmas to name a few.  Today let’s discuss several ways to make reindeer cookies for Christmas besides buying a reindeer cookie cutter. The first thing to remember is use a recipe for cookies you like. That is most important. I read multiple reviews of different reindeer cookies which said it’s cute but I have a better recipe for peanut butter cookies or gingerbread cookies, etc.  Then no matter how the design turns out, you have a cookie you’ll want to eat. Read More