Practical Ideas For Better Home Cooking

For some people, cooking is a passion. Like my brother-in-law, they love trying new recipes, experimenting with different flavors, and feeding their friends and family. For many other people cooking is a chore. At times most of us are tired of answering the eternal question “What’s for dinner” At the beginning of November we discussed finding inspiration to cook. The best advice when trying new dishes is to avoid complicated recipes and start small. Perhaps a sheet pan dinner or a slow cooker meal are easy ways to try something new.

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Create a Home That Supports Wellness

We are approaching the end of the year, a perfect time to re-evaluate and renew our lives and homes. Today I want to talk about stress. The holiday season which brings great joy also can bring great stress.  Many of us have so much responsibility, and often we feel overburdened.  We want it all – great home, family time, work, and personal growth.  Of course we do, but can we have it all at once?

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Smart Ways to Create More Space

Whether you are a single person in an apartment, a couple just starting a family, or a family with 4 kids with all of their possessions, most of us feel we need more space in our homes. Today let’s discuss planning your space to provide more storage for your family’s needs. Here are six ways to create more space for your family to make your home more comfortable. 

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How to Boost Your Home’s Value

Owning a house isn’t only an emotional experience where the house is your home. It’s also a financial decision that can pay dividends as you build up equity in your home and see your property value increase over time. The rate of property value increase can depend on a number of different factors such as the economy, job market, and the housing market.

All of us would like to think that our homes are increasing in value. There are some actions by homeowners that can affect the price and the speed of sale. Whether you’re planning to sell in the near future or you simply want to continue to grow the value of your home investment, there are steps you can take to increase the value of your home. As I perform routine maintenance in my home, I am aware that simple choices I make can impact the value of my home at a later date. For example when I replaced my refrigerator, I chose white instead of the more popular stainless steel. I choose what I like, but I know it’s not a factor that will increase value and may potentially decrease value. Just be aware of the choices you make that seem small but aren’t when it comes to resale. My second point is don’t overload your decor with current trends. In 5 years no one will want them. A few popular items don’t hurt but don’t invest your money in trendy big ticket items unless you have the budget to replace them in a few years. Now let’s look at more actions that can impact your home’s value.

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How To Create a Calm & Relaxing Space at Home

Your home should be where you can easily switch off and relax when you need to. Whether you use the living room, your bedroom or any other area in your home, you need a space that is calming and quiet. A relaxing atmosphere can help you reduce your stress levels and maintain good mental wellbeing. Let’s look at a few simple ideas. 


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Create More Space By De-Cluttering Your Home

1. Creating space starts with decluttering

For the last few months I have re-evaluated each room and its furnishings as I packed up everything for the new floor.  This week I want to talk about our “stuff.” I have found that I love being in a room with less furniture and decorations. I have given away and thrown away lots of  “stuff”.  If you feel like your home is cluttered, disorganized, or has too many unwanted items, then it’s time to clean it out. A home that feels spacious and minimal makes for a more comfortable, less stressful environment.  Decluttering can also be a somewhat therapeutic process, helping you eliminate things you no longer need from your life and start again. You should aim to declutter regularly to help keep your living spaces clear and your drawers and  closets organized. Use a checklist to help you declutter every room of your home and be prepared to get ruthless with your decisions over what to throw out and what to keep. I’ve made a basic De-Clutter Checklist by room – fill free to update with other rooms and types of items. It is available as a PDF for you to download and print.

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