DIY Cone Christmas Trees

Over the last few years, I’ve seen a variety of crafted Christmas trees. Many crafters start with a bought cardboard or styrofoam cone tree and decorate it. Some trees are made with a heavy paper cut in a half or quarter circle and folded to make a cone.  They can be made with cardboard from cereal boxes, construction paper,  heavy gift wrapping paper, or even heavy scrap book paper.

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Dogwood Egg Carton Flowers

I’ve pinned pretty egg carton flower crafts for a few years.  This year I’m trying to make more of my inspiring pins.  First I thought I would use paper egg cartons which seems to be the favorite among crafters.  You can paint them any color.  Then I saw a neighbor throwing away colored styrofoam egg cartons in white, pink, and yellow.  (Our county does not accept styrofoam in recyclables.)  Hmm, okay I decided to rescue the styrofoam and give it a try.



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Create An Easter Candy Centerpiece

For spring and Easter this year, I wanted to try the simple craft of a candy-filled vase.  Florists have used the 2 vase technique for years.  Get a clear glass vase that is wide and tall enough to hold a smaller vase.  Then fill the area between the 2 glass walls with candy.  You can use jelly beans, candy corn in fall, or pastel mints for Easter and spring.  I bought a simple glass vase and pastel mints at Dollar Tree.  I added a plastic glass for the insert.



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Autumn Picture Ledge

For fall I am adding texture, natural materials, and rustic details. My goal is a rustic coastal home with lots of tans, textures, and browns.  I wanted my heron printable from the classic book, Birds of Australia, on the dining room picture ledge. I put it in a new aged white frame and added a shabby chic dollar store pumpkin on each end.  I made those a few years ago.  I measured a length of jute against it for size and adjusted the length.



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How To Make A Twig Frame

I love the twig crafts I’ve seen on Pinterest and other blogs. For fall I am going rustic by adding texture with wood and burlap with lots of neutrals  and tans to my living room and dining room.  A twig frame would be a great addition. There are several reasons I love this craft.  First off the little sticks are free out of my yard. Second they are natural and rustic with such texture.  The frame is perfect for fall, but I know I’ll be using my twig frame year-round. Whether I need to frame a small Santa or spring flowers, a twig frame works beautifully. Read More

DIY Leaf Wreath

It’s hot and humid here in central Florida, and I’m dreaming of cooler days in a few months.  Up north, when leaves start to turn, you can make beautiful colored leaf wreaths.  I always think of maple leaves as they are so beautiful.  Of course, I’ve seen green leaf wreaths, fall leaf wreaths with colored leaves, and even leaf wreaths with brown leaves.



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DIY Patriotic Wall Decor

For quite a few years, I wore a cute blue 4th of July summer sleep shirt. It is a dark blue with a cute embroidery decoration on the front.  When I could no longer use it, I put it aside planning to make a patriotic decoration one summer.  This past January when I was purging and organizing my craft supplies, I made a promise to myself that I would use or lose lots of old items I’ve saved for crafts.  Today’s simple craft is based on my old night shirt and an embroidery hoop.


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