Cranberry Orange Cookies

The holidays brings us many of my favorite flavors – cranberries, oranges, and of course nuts.  Today’s recipe uses almonds, but you could also make them with pecans or walnuts.  It’s a pretty cookie and quite a hit with family and friends.  If you want a taste of chocolate, drizzle melted white chocolate on top of the cooled cookies.


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25 Homemade Gift Ideas

I love the season of giving. One of my favorite ways to spread some happiness is by making homemade gifts. Presents just mean so much more when they’re homemade. Many of these would not only work for Christmas but also Chanukah, birthdays, and most other days of celebration.  There is something special about DIY gifts, and I have 25 amazing ideas for you.  They are inexpensive and most are easy to make. Many are familiar ideas, and some may be a happy surprise.  Your friends and family know you had to spend a little more time on them, and that thoughtfulness is always appreciated but especially if it involves something to eat.  The first gifts I gave when I graduated from college were simple sugar cookies.  Everyone appreciated them, they were cheap, and I only spent one evening baking.  It was a great life lesson.    

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Thumb Print Cookies

When I was a child, old fashioned thumb print cookies were often served at parties.  As a youngster, I made thumb print cookies based on my mother’s old cookbook.  Over time I’ve seen so many variations of this classic cookie; it’s very popular in so many different interpretations.  It’s a great cookie any time of year, but especially during the holidays.


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Reindeer Cookies for Christmas

I must begin by saying how much I like food art – those appetizers and desserts that look like something else.  I’m always reading posts and pins with cute and tasty food; that’s my 2 requirements for me to try them.  I’ve done Easter chicks from deviled eggs, Halloween Spider Eggs,  and  Cream Cheese & Olive Penguins for Christmas to name a few.  Today let’s discuss several ways to make reindeer cookies for Christmas besides buying a reindeer cookie cutter. The first thing to remember is use a recipe for cookies you like. That is most important. I read multiple reviews of different reindeer cookies which said it’s cute but I have a better recipe for peanut butter cookies or gingerbread cookies, etc.  Then no matter how the design turns out, you have a cookie you’ll want to eat. Read More