Sky Watch Thursday With Flowers

One of my favorite linky parties is Sky Watch Thursday. The skies shared cover the range from sunrise to sundown and lots of beauty in between. Today my post is my view of the Florida blue skies over flowers. First is the view from the front yard over my frangipani tree. It was late afternoon and my front yard was in shade. (My house faces east and the sun crosses my house mid day.)

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Valley of Fire

My nephew James and his wife Heather went on vacation in June.   This is the first post from their vacation photos. Thank you James!

Valley of Fire State Park is a public recreation and nature preservation area covering nearly 46,000 acres located 16 miles south of Overton, Nevada. The state park derives its name from red sandstone formations, the Aztec Sandstone, which formed from shifting sand dunes 150 million years ago.



Back several decades ago, I visited Las Vegas for the first time.   My favorite memory from that visit is the Valley of Fire.  You drive in the mostly tan and brown desert until you go over a hill and see a red valley with beautiful red formations.  It looked to me as though the red boulders were pushed up out of the ground. Yes I had my little Kodak back then, but you really don’t want to see the bad photos I took.  Let’s enjoy James’ pics.



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Blue Skies in Florida

For the last few months, we’ve had lots of rain here in Central Florida.  I had rain daily for 2 weeks while storms came into the Gulf.  It doesn’t rain all day but by afternoon or early evening the heat drives moisture into the air and the showers come a shore.  In between, we have blue skies although there are sometimes darker looking clouds lingering in the sky. Luckily, we have not had a hurricane or strong tropical storm land in our area. My prayers go out to those in areas that have flooded, had the hurricane winds hit, or faced a raging fire.  Hope you are having great weather wherever you are. Here are a couple of shots of the skies above a lake in the area.


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