Sunset on Clearwater Beach, Florida

Since my surgery in April, my neck and back have greatly decreased pain. Unfortunately, my hands and arms still have pain and occasional numbness. I was tested and both arms have carpel tunnel. I see the surgeon the first week in October to discuss surgery. Even if the surgery greatly helps, I want to sell my house and move to a condo. There the lawn is taken care of. I’ve gone through 3 lawn guys in 4 years. In Florida, you need to mow your grass year round. In January you don’t need to mow for a month, but you still need to maintain it. I’ll really miss my garden, but I can’t really take care of it like I should.

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Views in Clearwater

Clearwater is a city located in Pinellas County, Florida, USA, northwest of Tampa. To the west of Clearwater lies the Gulf of Mexico and to the southeast lies Tampa Bay.      Today’s photos come from a drive on the bay driving into Clearwater, Florida.






Summer is hot and humid in Florida with frequent showers.  It’s hurricane season but the sky is still usually blue.


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