23 Holiday Rice Krispy Treats

One of my favorite treats when I was growing up was classic Rice Krispies treats developed by Kellogg. (Recipe for classic treat at Kellogg)   I’m sure you have all made them at some point.  Rice Krispies cereal, butter, and marshmallows are the 3 basic ingredients. I like the small marshmallows as they melt faster.  You can use stick margarine but tub margarine is not recommended.  It was a favorite recipe for me as a young cook all the way through my early 20’s.  I rarely eat them now as I limit my sweets, but an occasional treat can be good.

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14 Appetizers for Your Holidays

One thing I can survive on during the holidays is appetizers. You know, those delicious little side dishes and finger foods that often involve cheese. Yes, I love most of them.

I’ve rounded up some really cute ideas that are pretty easy to make. So, if you’re in need of some tasty, fun food to feed family and friends this holiday season, try some of these.


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Homemade Citrus Cherry Cranberry Sauce

Holiday season means great food, and what is better than easy homemade cranberry sauce. Today’s recipe is simple and based on cranberries, oranges, and dried cherries.  Don’t have an orange but you have a tangerine? That would work as well.  My recipe is sugar-free with a wonderful sweetness based on applesauce and orange juice,  My sister can’t eat cinnamon and my family often comes up ways to add taste without cinnamon. Love cinnamon like me? Drop in a cinnamon stick; be sure to remove it after cooking.  This is one of those dishes you can make 3 or 4 days before your dinner and stick in the back of the refrigerator until it’s needed. Personally I like eating fresh cranberries as much as possible when they’re in season.

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