DIY Cone Christmas Trees

Over the last few years, I’ve seen a variety of crafted Christmas trees. Many crafters start with a bought cardboard or styrofoam cone tree and decorate it. Some trees are made with a heavy paper cut in a half or quarter circle and folded to make a cone.  They can be made with cardboard from cereal boxes, construction paper,  heavy gift wrapping paper, or even heavy scrap book paper.

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Simple DIY Advent Candle Craft

Sunday, December 2nd is the first Sunday of Advent. Many people around the world celebrate this time in preparation for Christmas. Celebrations can use an Advent calendar, an Advent wreath, and family prayers. For more information on celebrating Advent see Simple Ways to Celebrate Advent: Wreaths, Calendars, & Activities .

I have a printable free Advent calendar for download celebrating the 24 days prior to Christmas. If you want to simply celebrate Advent, make a wreath or calendar and add activities that enhance the season. Print and celebrate the days with family activities like gathering donations to charity, buying gifts for a Giving Tree, baking gifts for others, or reading about the story of Jesus in scripture.


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