Red Hibiscus & White Periwinkle

Today I’m sharing a few flowers from my yard I put in my crystal bowl.  It had been a beautiful day with a low of 62 F and a high of 82 F. We had several weeks with higher than normal temperatures. I love the blue skies and low humidity in the winter here in central Florida. Our weather is semi-tropical. We usually have mild winter weather with fronts from the north periodically in December and January.  My two single red hibiscus were blooming big, beautiful flowers.  I picked 2 for a bowl with several little white periwinkle flowers.  I placed the red hibiscus and dropped periwinkle around the red flowers.



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Christmas Arrangements

First let me say that I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful day.  Last Wednesday I shared a visit to a florist-gift shop at Skip’s Florist & Gift Shop .  I shared their many Christmas decorations and gifts.  Today let’s look at holiday arrangements from a professional florist.  Of course, I am mad for flowers as frequent visitors have probably noticed.  I couldn’t resist sharing photos of  beautiful red and white flowers with greenery and pine cones.


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Bowl of Yellow Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis: Tropical hibiscus grows permanently in the landscape in warmer U.S. Dept of Agriculture  zones 9 through 11, unless they are taken indoors in winter. Outdoors, one freeze – below 25 degrees Fahrenheit – will kill them   A hibiscus flower usually has five petals (a single hibiscus). 


I cut a few yellow hibiscus with leaves and put them in an antique sugar bowl. Even though September isn’t that different than summer here in central Florida, I am doing my own little nod to fall colors with yellow flowers and a beautiful antique container with a pattern in goldish brown with pastels.



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A Simple Early Autumn Table

My home has many coastal elements. Every fall I am faced with decorating for autumn using my colors. I use more textures, tans, and browns. I add deeper toned colors as the season progresses.  I look for softer shades of typical fall colors. I also love using turquoise in the fall with tans, browns, and golden tones. Officially it is autumn on September 22nd, but today I’m adding a few coastal autumn colors in the dining room.



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Amaryllis & Anthurium

Amaryllis is a subtropical bulb that belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family and is native to South Africa. It is grown as a potted plant in most parts of the United States but can also be grown outdoors year round in warm areas like Florida. Anthuriums are herbaceous epiphytes native to tropical America, a genus of more than 800 species found in the New World tropics from Mexico to northern Argentina and Uruguay.



Several weeks ago I shared my summer red, white, and blue table with a centerpiece of hydrangea and anthuriums. My hydrangea flowers didn’t last long, but true to nature, the anthuriums still look beautiful.  As a houseplant, the “flowers” or spathes can last a month or two.  It seems in a cut bouquet, they still have a long life.  Unbelievably right before Independence Day, my big white amaryllis produced a huge new stalk with 4 buds.  As the winds and rain came from the tropical storm Elsa, the stalk with the open flowers bent to the ground.  I cut the stalk and made a new arrangement of white amaryllis and anthuriums. Cost $0.00




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Spring Peach & Aqua Centerpiece

Today I’m sharing  a spring peach & aqua centerpiece.  I started with my favorite vintage tablecloth in pastel colors.  They work beautifully in my coastal home anytime of year but especially in spring.  I added a thrift store vase in pale aqua blue glass and filled it with peach tropical hibiscus blooms.  Finally I added one of my bunnies bedside it.



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