Knotty Pine and Tea, Childhood Memories

I’m in a nostaligic mood and ask your forgiveness for my need to share memories today.  Decades ago, I was born in Mobile, Alabama.  We moved to Tennessee before my 6th birthday so most of my memories in Mobile are from my toddler to pre-school years.  I’m retired so we’re talking about flashes of life back around 1950 or so. I actually remember sitting in the kitchen sink while my mother bathed me. I remember Saturday mornings sitting at the table and listening to the radio while my mother made waffles.  I remember my mother buying our first TV (without telling my dad) and standing in front of it watching my first cartoon.  Yes, I have lots of vague memories from a world that no longer exists.

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Strawberry Baked Brie

Florida produces the majority of fresh strawberries in the US in the winter.  Our big strawberry festival is in Plant City, Florida each March.  The 11-day Florida Strawberry Festival will run from March 1-11, 2018 and feature headline acts like Brad Paisley, I Love The 90’s Tour, and Babyface.  It is a fun food and music festival.  You wouldn’t believe all the strawberry dishes served.



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Baked Brie With Cranberries & Pecans

Serving Brie


Brie and camembert are wonderful cheeses with a harder outer skin and a soft center. People often wonder if the outer rind is edible and the answer is yes. It adds so much character to the cheese.  Keep the brie stored in its original container in the refrigerator until opened. If you have left over unbaked brie, wrap with wax or parchment paper not plastic wrap. The cheese needs to breath.  If it has been baked, then you may wrap in plastic.



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