Last Amaryllis & A Bunny

Last week I shared what I thought was my last amaryllis.  It was my last solid deep red amaryllis. Then I got a surprise from a little amaryllis I got as a forced bulb 3 years ago at Christmas and then planted in the yard. Last year no flower. I thought it was dying. It was a little green plant with a couple of small leaves. Then I noticed 2 small buds forming in almost the middle of May.  I’ve explained before that most folks in my neighborhood have flowering amaryllis in February, March, and maybe April. My solid deep red amaryllis bloom late in April.  Now this little red amaryllis with a solid white center has 2 flowers.  I moved my little bunny over to pose him smelling a flower. (No there isn’t a great fragrance.)



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Spring Peach & Aqua Centerpiece

Today I’m sharing  a spring peach & aqua centerpiece.  I started with my favorite vintage tablecloth in pastel colors.  They work beautifully in my coastal home anytime of year but especially in spring.  I added a thrift store vase in pale aqua blue glass and filled it with peach tropical hibiscus blooms.  Finally I added one of my bunnies bedside it.



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Woodland Walk Nature Printable

Summer is a wonderful time to walk in the woods and see all the wildlife.  I live vicariously through many other bloggers’ adventures and love all the birds and furry friends they photograph.  Today I’m sharing a woodland printable filled with furry woodland creatures.  I found free watercolor animal graphics and could not resist making a printable filled with nature.    It is sized 10″ x 8″. Read More

Spring Watercolor Furry Friends Printables

March 19th is the first day of spring, and I am ready to welcome it with open arms. You know I love discovering beautiful free graphics and using them to create something slightly or greatly different. I found adorable graphic furry animals and added flowers and more flowers. Today’s prints are a collection of 4 furry friends: the fox, squirrel, bunny, and cat. They are pictured with lots of watercolor flowers for Easter and spring.  They are all  sized 12″ x 12″.  Add some chic, modern, and adorable decor to your home; I think they are perfect for many decor styles, especially the cottage and farmhouse look. Read More

Happy Easter Tablescape

I’ve been enjoying my new wall art, Happy Easter, one of my printables.  It’s so bright and cheerful.  I put it in a vintage frame and placed it in the dining area. It reminded me of the spring paper plates from Dollar Tree, and I added one plate to each side of the print.  I cut out a few butterflies and the center of the place design for the top of the frame.



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