Fighting Bugs in the Fall Garden

It’s fall and with the crisp air comes a time to relax and forget about the garden.  Or can you?  You might not be able to see them, but those garden pests you battled all summer are still lurking, waiting to ruin your plants next spring. All of those obnoxious insects that have bugged you all summer are starting to disappear as the days and nights get cold. Many of those garden pests are still around. They have laid their eggs in your lovely dark, rich top soil and are settling down for a long winter’s nap. Fall is the best time for you to get a handle on insects in your garden. You’ll be glad you did when spring rolls around.

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Plants & Other Ideas That Repel Insects

I.  Use Eco-friendly bug fighters


With the sunny days of summer we often experience insects in the yard and garden that are irritating and destructive.  Several years ago, I wrote 5 Reasons To Make Your Garden Organic This Year.  Organic gardening can mean different things to many people.  Really it’s just about growing plants without synthetic chemicals or fertilizers. Most people know instinctively that  pesticides and week killers are harmful to the environment and our families.  One of the main reasons I hear for not going organic is “it costs too much.”  I’m retired now but when I was growing up, everything was grown without modern insecticides.  My friends and I say “It was all organic back then.”  Was it that expensive in the 1950’s and 1960’s to have a more eco-friendly garden?



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