Crown of Thorns, Euphorbia Milii

Crown of Thorns, Euphorbia Milii,  is a succulent and kin to the poinsettia. Originally from Madagascar, it became popular during Victorian times as a houseplant.  Nicknames for it include Crown of Thorns, Christ Plant, and Christ Thorn which are all due to its thorns on the branches. Crown of Thorns is an evergreen plant and is also drought resistant. It produces woody, succulent stems up to three feet high. The thorns cover the stems randomly and measure up to an inch long.  The bright green leaf bracts grow randomly and slightly sparse. They appear mostly on newer stems and fall away from the older stems. Blooms appear mostly throughout the spring and late into the summer. However, in ideal conditions, the plant can produce flowers year-round.  The true flowers are small and green, surrounded by showy bracts in red, orange, pink, yellow or white.




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