Beet Salad With Goat Cheese

Tomorrow all my wordly possessions will be put in a truck. Wednesday there are 2 closings to sell the house and to buy the condo. Needless to say I’m tired. I won’t be online much this week. Thursday will be busy with the new handyman and cleaning lady to help get the condo set up. Friday and Saturday I may be sleeping from exhaustion! I’ll take my time unpacking the many, many boxes.

Today’s recipe is a great fall and winter salad. Tangy beet salad with goat cheese is the perfect starter for a dinner party or a great main salad for a vegetarian meal. The beets top the mixed salad greens with crumbles of goat cheese and candied walnuts with an orange and balsamic vinaigrette. You can serve it on a large platter or make up individual salads.

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Roasted Beets & Feta on Toast With Homemade Za’atar

Za’atar is an ancient blend of spices used throughout the Middle East.  It is the King of spices for savory dishes, and it is available in many supermarkets.  It is a mixture of ground wild thyme, sesame seeds, sumac, salt, marjoram and oregano.  Like many old recipes, there are variations in the amounts and ingredients and disagreements on the “right” version.  If you make your own, you can experiment with the combinations to find the perfect spice blend for your palate. Start with small batches using the recipe below and use it with olive oil on toast.  Don’t be afraid to play around until it’s just right for you.  Sprinkle it on Greek yogurt and spread on toast. Good stuff.  Sprinkle it on bread, dips, dressings, meat, vegetables, rice, potatoes, pasta, soups, and more. It will add to any savory dish.

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