The Best Vegetarian Chili

It’s Lent and time for meatless meals, but this dish is really a spicy treat anytime of year. I’m really loving Muir Glen’s fire roasted tomatoes lately and am basing this dish on 3 cans of their crushed tomatoes.  Add peppers and chili with loads of beans and corn and you’re almost there. Today I’m trying vegetarian burger crumbles and with all the bright bold roasted tomato flavor it’s a winner. Adjust the spices to meet your family’s tastes. Need meat? Use low-fat beef or ground turkey.

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Healthy Diet: Health Benefits and Risks With Low-Cost, Nutritious Beans

Beans are such a healthy addition to your diet. Because a 1/3 cup of cooked beans  contains around 80 calories, no cholesterol, lots of complex carbohydrates, and little fat, they are a nutritious ingredient in your recipes. They have lots of vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins and potassium. Beans are low in sodium and high in fiber which promotes digestive health and relieves constipation. Eating beans may help prevent colon cancer, and reduce blood cholesterol (a leading cause of heart disease). The complex carbs and protein help manage diabetes by releasing a slow, steady source of glucose. This prevents sugar spikes associated with simple carbs. Read More